The year 2012 - taking gaming anywhere

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The extraordinary developments in the field of smartphones - especially in terms of OS and applications - have brought up a lot of new small companies, some of them founded by a single person with interest in entertainment and programming and the wish to be and take part of the market.

holzapps is three guys with a similar aim. As part of the first generation with access to the Internet and communication as we know it today, we feel destined to create a part of it instead of just using it for our own purposes. Since we all never grew up and still keep on playing games - be it on the table or on the screen - what niche could be better to specialize in? And since the whole world goes crazy for smartphones, isn't it just logical to use this platform? Android™ gives everybody the opportunity to create and develop their own ideas and put them out there. We feel that 2012 is the right time to put our ideas out there and see what comes around.

This blog is going to monitor our progress and give you some insight into how three guys from Germany try to get something done that you might find quite useful. If you are into MMO's of any kind, you should keep us around. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!

We wish you a healthy and successful new year!
See you in 2012

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viel erfolg!

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